Interview with Anonymously Nude

Name: Anonymously Nude
Age: 24

Ever wonder what it’s like to be a nude model? After taking many figure drawing classes, I have always wondered what it would be like to get in front of so many people without any clothes on. I luckily had the chance to ask about the nude model experience with a Baltimore based model. Anonymously Nude discusses her thoughts on modeling and how she got started in the art community.  

What Kind of Classes do you model for?
I’ve modeled for several different kinds of classes.  I’ve done portrait modeling and nude figure modeling for an art school in Baltimore, but I’ve also worked with local art galleries who do events throughout the month for local artists to come and draw/paint. 

What is an average size of a class?
I’ve been in classes of anywhere from around 30 students to just around 10 local artists.

Do you enjoy it? Why/why not?
I definitely enjoy it.  The artists are extremely professional and make you feel incredibly comfortable.  It’s also an amazing thing to see yourself become art through someone else’s eyes.  The mediums and styles are all different as well so it’s great to see how your body is interpreted in different ways.
What made you become a nude Model?
I started out modeling for local photographers and had friends who needed a figure model so I volunteered.  Once I realized how professional the art scene can be and got more comfortable with it, I was able to network and find more positions in the area. 

Did you volunteer for this position or is it paid?
I would say 90% of the time it is a paid position.  There are times when I know people who are holding a photoshoot and volunteer because I want to be part of their art collection.  Whenever I’m working outside of that realm however, it’s paid.

How nude is nude?
Well, it’s definitely a no clothes situation, but you’re not putting everything out there either.  I think sometimes when people think nude model, they think it’s sexual which couldn’t be farther from the truth.  Your body becomes curves, lines, and shadows to artists and that’s what they’re focusing on.  Not the fact that you’re a naked lady in front of them.

Describe your very first time as a nude model?
My first time modeling nude was for photographers I had met through friends of mine.  They had a studio in Baltimore and would hold all day shoots several times a month and invite models to come work.  I had worked with them before so I was included on that list.  When I told the photographers that it was my first time modeling nude, they were very quick to let me know that the shoot would go at my own pace and would start off clothed.  It made me feel way more comfortable doing it for the first time.  The first time I did figure modeling and was drawn/painted was in an art gallery in Hampden, Baltimore.  It’s kind of like a night where artists can come, draw, socialize, and it’s very relaxed.  The poses you do are different lengths so you can try out different stuff, starting with quick one minute poses moving all the way up to a forty minute pose at the end.  It was definitely fun and it was great to see so many different styles of work in one room.

Did you have model experience before this?
I started out volunteering as a model for a guy I dated in college.  He was a photography student so I just did some basic stuff to help him out.  I started building a portfolio and sending it out to other photographers whose work I enjoyed and gradually worked my way into the art scene.

Do you see yourself modeling nude in the future?
Most definitely!  It’s something I love to do and anytime you can make money doing something you enjoy, I think it’s worth it.

At what age should one stop nude modeling?
Never!  If you’re comfortable with your body than why not use it to create art?

Do you have a favorite pose?
It depends on the length.  I do yoga a lot so I like to try things that lengthen my body and creates interesting lines.  It’s hard to do for long though.  When I’m tasked with longer poses, I prefer sitting or lying down.

How long do you have to hold a pose? Does it ever become uncomfortable?
It ranges anywhere from 1 minute to up to 40 minutes.  The most common are twenty minute poses with five minute breaks.  It can become uncomfortable, but as you become more experienced with how your body moves, you, as the model know what poses work best for which time frames.

In your experience, do students take nude models seriously?
I’ve never had any experiences where they didn’t.  Most of the art students I’ve worked with look at the time spent with the model and a usually very gifted art professor as invaluable.  They’re not going to waste a second they have and most will start drawing/taking pictures/painting as soon as you set yourself up.

Do you have someone in the world of modeling that inspires you?
I think the art more than any models really inspire me.  My goal is constantly to create poses that will result in beautiful art pieces.  The time spent modeling is really a collaboration between the model and artists to create something together.

And finally…
Favorite Artist or artwork/ Why?
I love Edgar Degas.  The brushwork is always so interesting and adds so much to each piece.  His subject matter with women’s bodies is part of what inspires me when I model.  He transforms all of his models bodies into great works of art but including painstaking details in the way their bodies are shaped and move.

Edgar Degas, Woman with a towel (1898) - Impressionism

 Model is available for professional booking, would like to be reached through ChelloAnne Art’s email

*The drawings above are gifts from unknown students in various figure drawing classes, featuring Anonymously Nude.

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