Phantasmic Photo Backdrop

Halloween is just around the corner and this year I decided to make something special! The ghostly holiday falls on a Friday this year which equals perfect party potential! What does every epic Halloween party need (other than booze)? A supernatural photo backdrop!  

I used a super cheap plastic shower curtain purchased at Target for my canvas and decided it was better to draw out a plan before beginning the project.

This is my Haunted House sketch that I had originally planned on using for my backdrop, but like most of my plans it totally changed once I started painting.

The progression…

I ended up doing a dancing skeleton with a Van Gogh-esque nighttime sky. I went for a cute Halloween scene instead of gory and scary one. I used a variety of materials to make the backdrop, mostly just things I had laying around the house. Any fabric or plastic I attached to the scene was done so using a hot glue gun.

Skeleton Before and After


Party Pics soon to come! Keep a look out on the Over the Moon… Instagram page @overthemoonblog !!

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