Oh la la! Les Crêpes


1 cup all purpose flour
2 eggs
½ cup milk
½ cup water
¼ teaspoon salt
2 tablespoons melted butter
Vegetable Oil


Large Mixing Bowl
Frying Pan
Measuring Cups

Step 1

Pour your 1-cup of flour and 2 eggs into a large mixing bowl.
Use a whisk to mix your eggs and flour while gradually adding your milk and water.
Next add your salt and butter, mix until your batter is nice and smooth.

Step 2

Lightly oil a frying pan over a medium heated stove.
Scoop your batter into the pan(using a measuring cup), while moving your pan in a circular motion over the stove. Make sure your batter lays evenly on your frying pan.

Step 3

Cook your crêpe until the bottom is a light brown and then flip to cook the other side.


I love to add a Hazelnut spread on my crêpe.
I also added blueberries and banana slices to make a fruit filled crêpe!


Spread your hazelnut spread (I used Nutella) on your crêpe and put your fruit on top. Roll up your crêpe with its spread and fruit inside. Use a long toothpick to hold your rolled up crêpe together. Alternate your fruit on the top of the toothpick for a fun decoration. Finally sprinkle your remaining fruit on your plate.

Voilà, les crêpes!

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