Top Ten Things to do in Gatlinburg, TN

10. Explore

First thing to do on any vacation is to explore your surroundings and find out what is available to you. In the case of Gatlinburg some very strange things...

Randomly bumped into a haunted house. We did not go in, but it looked interesting from the outside.

Biggest jug of hot sauce I ever did see…

Only in the south would you find Duck Dynasty lollipops.

 9. Drink

No shortage of Moonshine in Tennessee…

Or wine…

8. Let’s go Shopping

I LOVE hot sauce so had to stock up when I found a Pepper’s shop in town. I found one of my favorites and some newbies.

My favorite Gatlinburg purchase is this salt crystal, which is suppose to balance the negative and positive ions in the air around you. Not sure if it works, but it is a cute new accessory for my room!

7. Food

Pancake Houses run rampant throughout Tennessee, so we felt obligated to stop and try one out. I am not a big fan of breakfast foods, but this Flapjack’s Pancake Cabin was very good!

Homemade! We made smoked ribs one night at the Cabin with some tasty corn, beans, and tomato salad.

6. Take a Hike

We did a couple different hikes in the Smoky Mountains. I am not one to jump at the chance to go hike a mountain, but the trails we visited were all extremely beautiful and gave me several chances to take some amazing nature photos. There will be more Smoky Mountain trail post to come…

5. Dip in the Hot Tub

The cabin we rented in Gatlinburg came with a hot tub positioned on the back porch overlooking a mountain. It was an extremely beautiful and peaceful setting and I highly recommend finding a location with a hot tub when visiting the Smokey Mountains.

4. Visit a Waterfall

Waterfalls are beautiful, as simple as that.

3. Yoga

Always trying to find a new place to do some yoga poses… Look out for some more yoga in nature post in the future! 

2. White Water Rafting

My family and I rode some class 3 rapids on the Pigeon River! Our guide was super friendly and made all of us non-experienced rafters feel comfortable. I did not want to pay the $40.00 to get a picture of us on the raft, so here our some pictures of the rafting headquarters.

And finally #1 thing to do when visiting the Smoky Mountains…

1. The Sinks

We saved this location for the last day of our trip to Tennessee. I had no idea how much fun it would be to visit a simple watering hole on the side of the road, but jumping off a high up rock into the water was exhilarating to say the least!

My sister after twenty minutes of standing on the cliff deciding whether or not she was going to jump off. She jumped…

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