Molly's Fabulous Apartment Spotlight

Greetings from Molly

Hello everyone!  My name is Molly, and I am one of Chelsea’s friends from college.  I am currently living in Baltimore for pharmacy school and was recently complaining to Chelsea that I don’t want to move out of my apartment.  I love the way it is decorated, so I decided to immortalize my apartment with a guest blog post.

I love how spacious my kitchen is!  The island gives me plenty of space and really allows me to move around when I am cooking and baking. I am a huge fan of toile and damask so you will undoubtedly find it throughout my apartment, such as my crockpot and wine bottle holder.  I am also obsessed with my dog, Bailey.  He is a golden retriever/border collie, and his photos cover my fridge. 

I found this set of table and chairs on the side of the road for free.  I reupholstered them and added some fun placemats to the table to make the set more modern.  I also love celestial decorations, so I have some sun and moon art hanging on my walls. 

My bathroom is rather basic, but I have to point out the cool wooden heart/peace sign that I got from the Maryland Renaissance Festival!  I find this symbol unique and interesting, though it does kind of look like a soft pretzel.

As I said earlier, I am in love with toile so you can see it on my chairs and blanket. I have a photo wall above my futon because I just don’t have enough space to display them all in picture frames!

This bookshelf sits in my living room and displays my prized mugs, beer glasses, and wine glasses which I have carefully collected.  I love Maryland so I find any excuse I can to incorporate the state flag into my decor.     

I kept my bedspread and furniture neutral so that I could add in lots of fun patterns throughout my bedroom.  You can see I have another image of the Maryland flag framed on my nightstand.  On my other night stand I have a mortar and pestle (yay pharmacy!). 

This dresser in my bedroom is where I keep my jewelry, perfume, and makeup 
organized together to make getting ready easier in the mornings.  The edge of the mirror is decorated with postcards and mementos from places I’ve been. 

Hopefully everyone has enjoyed this tour of my apartment.  I will be sad to have to pack everything up in a few weeks but am happy I could share my apartment while I have it!

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