Sparkle Secret #2

Glitter not enough?!

If you are crazy for glitter like me, your average sprinkle of glitter is not always enough. One way to add a little more shine to your projects is to add Gold Leaf.

You can purchase Gold Leaf at any Arts & Crafts store, or online (I frequent
Just apply a little bit of glue to the spot where you want the gold leaf. Than gently place a sheet of the gold on top of the spot.

Gold Leaf is super temperamental, so handle it gently and move it around slowly.

After the glue is dry, take a dry brush and wipe and away the excess Gold Leaf from your object. In my example, I mixed glitter and gold to make a shine-elicious frame!

I used a three-sectioned frame as my object (purchased at Target).

Side note: Frames make excellent photo props. You can frame any interior or exterior scene.

Play around with colors and monotones, when editing photos.

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