Message in a Bottle

“I have a dream…” (MLK)

Martin Luther King Day has long since past, but it’s message is still present at Annmarie Sculpture Garden. There is magic amongst the trees at this beautiful non-profit sculptural garden. The public art project Message in a Bottle can be found throughout the garden in a peaceful natural setting.

Annmarie Sculpture Garden and Art Center

Message in a Bottle is a public art project to honor Martin Luther King. Admission is free on Martin Luther King Day and each year there is a public art project for all ages to partake in. Everyone was welcome to come and participate in the project this year, by writing his or her “I have a dream…” message on a sheet of paper and then placing it in their very own decorated bottle. The bottles used for this project are recycled water and soda bottles donated from the Annmarie staff and community.     

Environmentally friendly art is a reoccurring theme at Annmarie Sculpture Garden; they are constantly rethinking ways to turn trash into something beautiful.

Guest writing their messages

Sparkles in high demand! 

Sparkle Water to fill the recycled bottles with 

Inside the Art Center 

The Magic Continues in the artLab!!
The artLab is a creative reuse center that is open to the public to make crafts out of recycled objects within Annmarie Sculpture Garden’s Art Center.

After you finished your Message in a Bottle you could go into the artLab to make a peace medallion out of old plastic lids.

Arts and Crafts at it’s best!

artLab Magic!

Peace Medallions 

Months have passed since Martin Luther King Day and now when you walk around the sculpture garden you can see people’s dreams scattered within the trees. The bottles are not only visually beautiful with their bright bold colors, but spread messages of love and hope.

Learn More @
Annmarie Sculpture Park and Arts Center, 13480 Dowell Road Dowell, Maryland 20629

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