Happy Earth Day Earthlings!

Earth Day is one of my favorite holidays! There are a lot of holidays out there and Earth Day is not one that gets too much attention. Unlike other holidays, this one celebrates something tangible. We live each day of our lives on this planet and should recognize it from time to time.

On a planet that is covered by 71% water, we tend to forget to look up. We have these beautiful and rather strange formations constantly above us…

Today I decided to honor the Earth by doing a super cute raincloud craft!

*Recycled Cereal Box
*Tacky Glue or Hot Glue (for the speedy crafter)
*Cotton Balls or Recycled white tee-shirt
*Fishing Line
*Hole Puncher
*Blue Paint

1.   Draw a cute cloud design on your cereal box; make sure it is an appropriate size that will get three cloud shapes out of the box
2.   Use scissors or an x acto knife to cut out your clouds
3.   Fold two of your clouds in half
4.   Glue the two folded clouds onto your one unfolded cloud
5.   Use your hole puncher to punch three holes at the bottom of your now 3-demensional cloud shape
6.  Cut 12 small circles out of your left over cereal box for your raindrops
7.   Fold all 12 of your circles into halves
8.   Glue your circles together in groups of four to make your raindrops
9.   Thread your fishing line through the raindrops and attach them to your cloud
10.            Glue cotton balls or crumbled up recycled tee shirt to your cloud to get a fun fluffy look!!!

Hang up your cloud somewhere interesting and take a picture! Use #cloudsforearthday

Another way to celebrate Earth Day…

NASA is doing something very cool. They are asking all the people residing on planet Earth to take an Earth Day selfie using the hashtag #GlobalSelfie.
NASA will be using your global selfies to create a mosaic of the Earth!

The nice people at NASA premade a sign for everyone to use in their Global Selfies.  

For more information visit: Here

Dobby says Hello NASA!! #GlobalSelfie

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