Enjoyable and Polaroidable!

I love photography in general, but there is something so cute and magical about a Polaroid.

I have the Polaroid 300 Instant Camera. It is about $70.00 at most stores that sell electronics. I love it! It creates smaller sized polaroids and is quick and easy to use.

Today I did my own little photo shoot with some old and some new Polaroid Photos. 

The larger photographs are from a couple of years ago. That camera has since been forgotten and location lost to us forever. However, I did find an older Polaroid camera while unpacking boxes at my Grandparent’s new apartment. That was one out of many hidden treasure among a whole lifetime of stuff. Definitely one of the cooler fines!

My sister used her old Polaroid camera to document her many backing experiments, making a sort-of photo journal.

Great for creative selfies! Just throw your Polaroid on unique background! I used my paint palette.
 In a world where humans are taking selfies left and right, even important world leaders; the new challenge is to make them as unique as possible! 

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