The Minimalistic Switch

There comes a time in every artists' life where the paint, and the brushes, and the random sheets of paper become a little overwhelming. It is very important to have a place of peace and non-clutter where you can actually get some non-art work done.
(wires under the desk are still a work in progress)

This is my desk before the big clean up. Absolutely no space for my computer and just a total mélange of art supplies and a sewing machine I hardly touch.

Off with the clutter!

1.  Large Yellow Daisy Bowl, Target
2.  Spotted Yellow Vase, Annmarie Sculpture Gift Store
3.   Honey Suckle Ashland Candle, Marshal’s
4.  Disney Calendar
5.  My oil rendition of contemporary Tai artist Attasit Pokpong
6.  Fleur de lis Vase, Marshal’s
7.  Geo Coaster
8.  Computer sits on top of a Damask mat, Amazon

Never hurts to throw some happy yellow daffodils out and about to cheer a room up!

I am OVER THE MOON for this Flipqlo Clock Screensaver. It is super simple and in a room lacking any kind of a clock it is PERFECT!

I downloaded the screensaver from this sight:
No problems to report so far.

C’est Magnifique!

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