Art Journal

Art Journal Segment 1

Art Journaling is something that was introduced to me long ago in a high school art class. An art journal can be anything you want it to be, for me it was a way to experiment with different techniques in one easy to view space.

Using a recycled book is key to any art journal. It made me uneasy defacing a book, but there are a lot of books that people and libraries disregard because they are outdated. You may want to ask a library for an old book or use an old text book. 

Creating Your Cover

I went a little crazy with the paint when I did my cover, collaging different patterns such as polka dots and stripes.
I always used a peace sign stamp and an OM stamp.

Another fun way to use paint is to do abstract patterns inside your book. I did an abstract strawberry painting and then stamped it to the adjacent page by closing then opening the book before the paint dried.

Look forward to more Art Journaling Segments in the future! 

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