Art Journal #2


Enhance your Art Journal with Watercolor Paint!
Watercolors are transparent for the most part and make for an interesting composition when used with the printed words in your journal.

The pages of a book can be a beautiful visual even without any further enhancements, but it doesn’t hurt to play around a little bit…

The first thing you can experiment with is using your brush as a doodle tool.
Doodle away! 
Use monotones, or complimentary colors to create fun designs!

You can change the transparency of your watercolors by the amount of water you use.
More water = More transparent
Less water = less transparent
*If you want an opaque color, it helps to have tubes of watercolor paint (not a palette like the picture above), but when in need just keep layering it on to make a darker, bolder color.

One super simple trick for a little watercolor magic is using a stencil.
First: I painted a rainbow design on the paper (it will work with any design).
Second: I cut a very simplified Buddha shape to use as a stencil.
Third: I used a black wash over the paper shape.

Peel the stencil off... ET VOLIA!
(I used a little shading to make it look more like a Buddha design)

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